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NAML Academy combines the principles of the Montessori method along with Islamic teachings and core values. Our comprehensive courses encompass Quranic studies, Islamic history, culture, and the integration of Islamic principles into math, science, language arts, and social studies. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education, combining Montessori, Elementary school and Texas Standard Curriculum with Islamic teachings. Join our A Islamic school in TX, Muslim education center, and Islamic Kids School today.

Our Misson

At NAML Academy, our mission is to deliver the highest quality education by combining the Montessori and Texas Standard Curriculum approaches with Islamic education. We are dedicated to nurturing each child's innate curiosity and individuality, fueling their passion for learning. Our holistic approach fosters the development of essential social, emotional, and academic skills, equipping our students to become confident thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. Join our esteemed Islamic school in Dallas, also known as an Islamic Kids School, and embark on a transformative educational journey.

Why Montessori?

Welcome to our Islamic Montessori School, where we harness the profound teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori and integrate them seamlessly with Islamic values to provide a holistic and enriching educational experience. Our core belief lies in the Montessori philosophy, which champions a child-centric approach, hands-on learning, and the cultivation of an authentic passion for knowledge.
We recognize the unique developmental journey of each child, and our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to offer flexibility, allowing students to progress at their own pace. Empowering children is at the heart of our mission. Through the freedom to make choices, explore, and discover, we foster self-motivation, self-discipline, and a strong sense of responsibility. Within our classrooms, you'll find a stimulating array of activities and materials designed to ignite curiosity and nurture a genuine love for learning.

Our Montessori techniques are adept at honing cognitive, emotional, social, and physical abilities, enabling every child to unlock their full potential. Our inclusive environment encourages collaboration among children of different ages, promoting vital social skills, empathy, and cooperation.
At our Islamic Montessori School, we seamlessly merge the best of both worlds: a rich Montessori tradition and the nurturing embrace of Islamic values. Your child will thrive as an independent thinker, immersed in an environment that cherishes diversity and unity in equal measure. We extend a warm invitation to you and your child to experience the transformative power of our distinctive educational approach today. Join us on this remarkable journey of holistic learning and personal growth.

Why Elementary School?

Elementary school education plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development and lays the foundation for their future academic and personal success.

  1. Foundational Skills: Elementary school provides a structured environment where children acquire fundamental skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking. These skills are essential for further academic progress.
  2. Social and Emotional Development: Elementary school is not just about academics; it’s also a place where children learn valuable social and emotional skills. They learn how to interact with peers, manage conflicts, and develop empathy and resilience.
  3. Structured Learning: Elementary school provides a structured learning environment that fosters discipline, time management, and organization—skills that are crucial for success throughout life.
  4. Building Confidence: Success in elementary school, whether in academics, sports, or creative endeavors, helps children build self-confidence and a positive self-image. These are vital for a child’s overall well-being.

5. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Elementary education encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Children learn how to ask questions, analyze information, and find solutions to challenges



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Enrollment Open 2024-2025

Limited seats available infants to Grade 8