NAML Academy Summer Camp 2023 Registration Form

From June 5th - July 28th
The summer program will have the following programs:
Science experiments
Art & crafts
Field trip every Friday
Soocer club
Basketball club
Fun outdoor activities
Art and craft
Science experiments
Language and mathematics activities

As for Islamic tarbiya, we will be reviewing Islamic teachings of manners (akhlaq) etiquette, character building, prayer obligations, about the inspirational lives of our Prophets and the seerah for our Prophet (pbuh) and lots more inshaAllah!

We will be working from a textbook and incorporate crafts as well for more hands-on and enjoyable Islamic learning.

NAML Academy Summer Camp 2023 Registration Form

Displaying child’s talents

We fill up every day with diverse creative activities that help children develop their potential.

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Naml Academy Registration Open Pre-K to Grade 6