Programs we offer

Now is the time to invest in your child's education. Some of the programs we offer include:

Practical Life

Sensorial life



Cultural Studies

Creative and Artistic

Physical Education

Science Experiments

A day full of discoveries and knowledge!

Full time & Part time Hifz program

Montessori Curriculum

Taxes curriculum

Islamic History

Islamic Studies

Arabic Language

Overall, Montessori education aims at developing the whole child, in all aspects, rather than just focusing on academic success.

Individualized Learning

Montessori education recognizes that every child is unique and has their own strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. As a result, Montessori classrooms are designed to cater to individual learning needs, with teachers providing guidance and support as needed.

Hands-on Learning

Montessori classrooms are filled with specially designed materials and activities that encourage hands-on learning. This approach helps children to develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and independence.

Self-Directed Learning

Montessori education promotes self-directed learning, where children take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to follow their own interests and passions. This approach helps children to develop a love of learning and to become lifelong learners.

Emphasis on Social Development

Montessori classrooms are designed to promote social development, with children of different ages and abilities working together in a supportive, collaborative environment. This approach helps children to develop social skills, such as empathy, respect, and cooperation.

Focus on Holistic Development

Montessori education takes a holistic approach to education, focusing on the development of the whole child – including their physical, emotional & social. This approach helps children to develop a strong sense of self and to become well-rounded individuals.

Displaying child’s talents

We fill up every day with diverse creative activities that help children develop their potential. The activities are as follows:

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Enrollment Open 2024-2025

Limited seats available infants to Grade 8