Muhammad Rehan

Muhammad Rehan brings a unique combination of expertise in both physics and computer science to the school board. His academic background has equipped him with a solid foundation in scientific principles and analytical thinking. With his comprehensive knowledge in these fields, he strives to bring innovative and forward-thinking approaches to education.

Mr. Muhammad is a passionate advocate for quality education and believes that every student deserves access to a well-rounded and inclusive learning environment. He firmly believes in the power of education to transform lives and prepare students for future success.

As a school board member, Mr. Muhammad aims to promote scientific literacy and technological proficiency among students. He strongly supports the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and aims to foster an environment that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Mr. Muhammad recognizes the importance of collaboration between educators, administrators, parents, and the community to create a supportive and enriching educational system. He is committed to listening to the concerns and ideas of stakeholders and working collaboratively to make informed decisions that prioritize the best interests of students.

With his strong educational background, research experience, and passion for education, Muhammad Rehan strives to contribute positively to the school board and make a lasting impact on the educational landscape of the community.

Dr.Basheer Sheikh

Dr. Basheer Shaikh to the NAML Academy Board of Directors. Dr. Shaikh brings an impressive breadth and depth of experience to the role, both in terms of his community service and professional expertise.

With over 25 years dedicated to community service, Dr. Shaikh has served on the boards of Islamic schools, masjids, homeowner associations, and various nonprofit organizations committed to charitable work. This experience, combined with his dedication and passion for our community, makes him an asset to our board.

Professionally, Dr. Shaikh’s areas of expertise encompass operations and risk management, project and program management, program evaluation, cybersecurity, and identity governance. He has held a variety of IT architect roles in several sectors, including government, finance, education, research, and energy.Dr. Shaikh holds a doctorate in education leadership and policy, master’s degrees in computer science and economics, and bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering and political science. He has also earned numerous professional certifications, further demonstrating his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

As a parent of three children who attended Islamic schools throughout their K-12 education, Dr. Shaikh possesses first-hand understanding and insights into the educational needs and experiences of our students. His research interests revolve around Muslim identity and Islamic schooling, school transitions and youth adjustment, curriculum development, human behavior and social psychology, organizational decision-making, and education law.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Shaikh to the Board of Directors. We look forward to his contributions to our school community and his dedication to advancing NAML Academy’s mission of promoting Montessori education in an Islamic framework.

Zara Rehan

Zara Rehan has dedicated the last ten years of her career to the field of education, specifically in the Montessori approach. With her wealth of experience and Montessori certification, she has proven herself as a committed and passionate educator. Currently serving as the Director at NAML Academy, an Islamic Montessori school, Miss. Zara has successfully nurtured young minds in a holistic and inclusive learning environment.

Miss. Zara holds a Montessori certification, which has equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement the Montessori methodology. Her educational background, combined with her years of practical experience, has deepened her understanding of child development and the importance of individualized learning.

In her role as Director at NAML Academy, Miss. Zara has demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills. She has overseen the day-to-day operations of the school, ensuring a high-quality Montessori education for students. Her dedication to fostering an Islamic learning environment has been instrumental in creating a nurturing and culturally enriched setting for students to thrive.

Miss. Zara enthusiasm for education is evident in her energetic approach to teaching and leading. She is deeply committed to providing students with a stimulating and inclusive educational experience, where their unique talents and abilities are celebrated. Miss. Zara believes that education is not just about imparting knowledge but also about instilling a love for learning, fostering character development, and nurturing the holistic growth of each student.

Urooj Usman

Urooj Usma is a highly qualified professional with a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. She has a strong background in immigration law, with a particular focus on Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, as showcased by her senior seminar paper topic during her time at law school. Urooj is a member of the Federal Bar Association Student Chapter and the Black Law Students Association, where she received the BLSA Essay Scholarship in both 2004 and 2005. Her educational journey has equipped her with a solid understanding of legal concepts and the ability to navigate complex issues.

In her current role as a substitute teacher in Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD, Urooj contributes to the educational development of students at Ranchview High School and Landry Elementary School. Her experience in the classroom setting allows her to connect with students, promote a positive learning environment, and provide valuable support to the teaching staff.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Urooj actively engages in volunteer work. She has been involved with Helping Hands for Relief and Development, where she assists with international refugee aid and fundraising efforts. Additionally, Urooj has volunteered at Zoltan Law, offering her legal expertise in pro se asylum clinics to help indigent clients with their immigration applications. Her dedication to serving her community extends to her roles as an advisor at NAML Academy, where she provides guidance on procedural issues, teacher training, and conflict resolution. She has also been actively involved with Ranchview High School and Goodtree Academy, contributing to campus improvement initiatives, fundraising activities, and serving as a year book advisor.

With her legal background, educational experience, and commitment to community service, Urooj Usma brings a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and a passion for education to her roles. Her diverse skill set and dedication to supporting and empowering students make her an invaluable asset to any educational institution.


Director Admin Mueen Yousuf

He is a thoughtful and engaged school administrator eager to team with other educator to enrich student learning. Posses a high level talent for improving upon and implementing high level education policy. Expert Team Builder, instructor and motivator Rich experience in Policy and Procedure development, Development and Implementation of Curriculum standards, Professional development Programmes and Workshop creation, Community Relations, Staff Evaluations and Faculty Management. Contact

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